Stand up for public access!

We need your voice at the hearing!

  1. Add the meeting to your calendar

  2. Call in on 4/28 at 10:45 am to (916) 798-9817, provide your name and remain on the line.

  3. If using Zoom, first send this email message to ASAP so that they unmute your microphone!

  4. (OPTIONAL) Show up early (at 10am) to watch us present to the Council

Read this PDF for more details.

Can make the hearing? Then please write!

You can make a difference really fast. In your own words, just say these things:

  1. Why you love Shag Slough / Liberty Island.

  2. Why you are angry that DWR is trying to kill public access without any mitigation!

Remember, even two sentences from you is 10 times more effective than signing a 2 page letter written by us. Check out this example letter if you need some inspiration.

Send your letter to the Council ASAP: